If your business provides products and services that help environmental professionals do their job better, or if your company has a direct impact on the environment through its activities, then the EBN is for you.

What is certain is that change is coming for your business, driven by regulation and market pressures and this will provide both threat and opportunity. The EBN’s supply chain group aims to unlock the opportunities for our members.

Currently the concept of ESG and creating a sustainability strategy that encompasses net zero is a high level one. These are challenges that are affecting government, the investment industry and large corporates, but they are coming down your track.

A number of large corporate organisations in the construction sector have developed a 15-year sustainability plan and, if you supply them, there is no doubt that they will pass a lot of the burden for making this happen on to your business.

Are you ready for this? Do you even have an idea of what it might mean?

The EBN is the platform for debate, knowledge sharing and insight that will help your business be one of the winners.

In summary the EBN will:

  • Create a platform to market/show case your products and services to E/S professionals who are decision makers or purchase influencers
  • Provide the opportunity to connect with potential commercial partners and to collaborate with organisations in your own value chain
  • Offer the opportunity to sponsor talks or to present on your own specialist subjects to groups of interested members
  • Create the opportunity to connect with other members via our quarterly webinars/networking programme
  • Give you access to the “One View” event summary
  • Run marketing and business development webinars to help build your brand and drive sales

Official Partner including membership

Brand awareness
  • Logo to feature at the bottom of every page of the EBN website
  • Banner ad on the Official Partner pages on the EBN website
  • Feature page interview with C-level or other key personnel on the EBN website
  • Pop up banner and permission to place marketing literature at every EBN event
  • Logo to be on the screen projection at every EBN event
  • Logo to be prominent on the EBN e-newsletter
  • Link to feature page on every EBN e-newsletter
  • Lead advertiser on the relevant category page in the EBN Directory
  • Logo and feature in every quarterly commercial partner e-newsletter
Brand engagement
  • EBN Connect – a service whereby the EBN will make a direct connection to a member(s) as long as strict criteria is satisfied: they have an offer or proposition to put to the member that will be perceived as adding value to them; the member is likely to learn something that adds value to their business; no hard selling and the member reserves the right not to follow up
  • Supplier Finder – the EBN will offer a service to all members where they can ask us to research the market for products and services that may overcome challenges they have. The EBN will offer these opportunities to the OPs in the first instance
  • Marketing review – half-day review of their sales and marketing strategy and tactics in order to share best practice, to draw on our massive experience and to produce a follow-up report with recommendations on a) how best to maximise their partnership with the EBN and b) how to improve their marketing output
  • For an additional £500, a desk-based review of your brand and marketing creative work including digital and print material, with recommendations to follow.

Business Spotlight 

£500 per year
  • Promoting your logo, contact details and social media links
  • 200 word business summary
  • Environmental innovation/insight section
  • Carousel of images
  • Uploading a pdf brochure and white papers
  • Uploading your videos
  • Completing the “looking to meet” section

The Directory will sit on the EBN web site and will be extensively promoted at all events and through all marcoms material.

Marketing and brand review

For an additional £500, you’ll get a telephone interview and desk-based review of all sales and marketing material with a recommendations report to follow.





The environmental supply chain is huge and encompasses hundreds, if not thousands, of organisations – but despite its size it is fragmented and lacks a voice to represent it. We want the EBN Supply Chain Board to become that voice and a platform to promote (and demand) the best products and services be accompanied by the highest standards in environmental management from the supply chain itself. Ultimately, being a member of the EBN supply chain will be an unofficial kitemark for good practice.


  • Share best business practice on business development
  • Collaborate on projects where possible and share contacts with each other
  • Develop a consistent set of business demands/guidance from the EA and other regulators, so that the EBN can lobby them and inform what the supply chain needs to ensure a level playing field
  • Attend a series of insight seminars/workshops from clients in industry on what they need and want from the supply chain
  • Take and share a collective view on which industry events, exhibitions and media are the best to be involved in to save members time and money
  • Discover and share intelligence on innovations in the environmental industry to make life easier for clients and to create collaboration, or even acquisition, opportunities
  • Develop a promotional directory and web platform for products and services the EBN can share with clients

If you’re a supply chain and like to help shape the future of industry, please email [email protected] or fill out the form below to join the Supply Chain Board.