The need for every business to increase its awareness of its impact on the environment, and the commercial consequences thereof, is of paramount importance.

That is why our partners and funders asked us to create a free-of-charge membership level, to take away any barriers to an organisation joining the EBN.

Whether you are an experienced environmental professional who wants to check us out before committing to greater involvement, or a small business owner keen to find out more about what the path to sustainability means for your business, join us a Community Member and you will benefit from:

  • Regular newsletter
  • Invitations to online networking events
  • Invitations to regional face to face events as they develop across the country
  • Opportunity to become a regional Group Leader (includes free elevation to Business Member status)
  • Access to watch the EBN Webinar shows live or as a download
  • Contribute your news stories and examples of sustainable innovation to the newsletters and to the regular member e-shots

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Community Membership

Community membership is completely free - simply fill in your details below and you'll be added to our membership list. We will never supply your details to any third party.

Enhanced Packages

Business Member: £900 p/a

This membership level is for individuals and organisations that are further down the road of understanding sustainability and its ramifications and who want to learn, share and connect with others who share their views.

A natural graduation from Community Member level this package will enable you to explore new ideas, test concepts and new products and services amongst peers and clients. Whilst we cannot guarantee it, this is the membership level that is most likely to open up new clients, partners and suppliers.

As a Business Member you will benefit from:

  • All elements of the Community Member package
  • All elements of the Business Showcase platform
  • Invitations to attend the EBN Webinar Shows and subsequent networking
  • The opportunity to be one of the featured businesses in our Net Zero Drive – a focus on member businesses that can demonstrate excellent environmental innovation in products and services they offer and/or examples of a real commitment to transitioning to net zero
  • Quarterly online idea-swap and insight sharing with other business members and experts from the steering group
  • Participating in EBN Connect where we will make appropriate introductions where possible

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Business Membership

Business membership gives you even more way to benefit from the EBN, and even more ways to lead the movement for change. Simply fill in your details below and we'll be in touch. We will never supply your details to any third party.

Business Showcase page: £500 p/a

The EBN is growing rapidly and there is no doubt that the business market sees us as an essential platform and connector that works across all sectors.

We are not trying to be a think tank or a climate change pressure group, but simply a place for every business in the UK to learn, share and connect with peers.

Whether you business is starting, or accelerating, your transition to becoming more sustainable, hopefully net zero and above all committed to a different, more progressive business system, the EBN is the place for you.

To do this we need to increase our funding so by taking out a Business Showcase page you will not only benefit from promoting your business to a growing market but you will help us to grow and reinvest into improving our service. The Business Showcase platform is a dedicated page on the EBN website which is promoted throughout all of our media channels.

You can use it for:

  • Promoting your logo, contact details and social media links
  • 200 word business summary
  • Environmental innovation/insight section
  • Carousel of images
  • Uploading a pdf brochure and white papers
  • Uploading your videos
  • Completing the “looking to meet” section

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Business Spotlight

Business Spotlight membership is a great way to showcase your company to potential customers, as well as highlight to other members what type of person or organisation you're looking to connect with. Simply fill in your details below and we'll be in touch. We will never supply your details to any third party.