The EBN exists to help all businesses adapt to and benefit from the need for a very different environmental future.

It is a membership network comprising commercial businesses, public sector organisations, charities and academic institutions committed to collaborating and sharing insight and intelligence so that our members can identify, assess and capitalise upon the commercial opportunities that come with the need to reverse climate change.

What we do

We are living in an era of unprecedented change; perhaps another industrial revolution. The environment is at the heart of this and business needs to be at the forefront of climate change and environmental governance. We are not there yet. We need to change and quickly. The Environmental Business Network is a growing community of like-minded people who share the common goal of ensuring business drives change for good.

The highest environmental standards are good for business and should be proudly proclaimed. They should, therefore, run through the DNA of businesses and, whilst many forward-thinking organisations embrace good environmental stewardship, many still need reassurance about the commercial benefits this brings.

Be part of the movement for change

The EBN is the UK’s only multi sector network dedicated to promoting the economic benefits that come with implementing good environmental management and clean growth strategies as standard.

In doing so we will elevate the status of environmental professionals working in industry and enhance the skill sets of the supply chain. 
Our members come from a diverse portfolio of industries including construction, infrastructure, property, energy, utilities, manufacturing, agriculture, services, retail and the public sector.

Additionally, our supply chain members represent disciplines as diverse as arboriculture, ecology, spill response, waste management, pollution prevention, archaeology,
architecture, planning, contaminated land and drainage. Further augmenting this wealth of experience, we also have members who are environmental specialists from regulators, academia,
consultancy, law, insurance, investment and risk management.

By bringing these groups together we will:

  1. Actively share and promote best practice regardless of where it originates
  2. Encourage the organisations which join the EBN to see good environmental business practice as an opportunity not a threat
  3. Upskill our members to integrate the language and values of business into the environmental sector and vice versa
  4. Identify, share and promote business innovation that positively impacts the environment and which can become profitable at the same time
  5. Help start-up/scale-up businesses with innovative environmental products and services to reach the market
  6. Connect time-poor members working in industry with the best of the supply chain

 We will do this through a multimedia mix of events, the web site, a bi monthly newsletter, LinkedIn, social media, podcasts and seminars.


Individual Members: £100 per person

Who is it for?

Environmental and sustainability professionals working in corporates and large SMEs from multiple sectors including the built environment, industrial manufacturing, car manufacturing, plastics, utilities, energy, chemicals, transport, tech, services, clothing/textiles and consultancy.

Why join?

  • Improve your “business education” which will help you to become the trusted advisor your board needs
  • Career opportunities and development through our partnership with specialist B Corps recruiter B-People
  • Share best practice and pragmatic advice in your businesses drive towards net zero
  • Easy access to supply chain innovation and identify possible new suppliers
  • Connect with like-minded peers and partners




Corporate Members: £300 per business

Who is it for?

Supply chain executives from businesses providing services to group one members, tier two suppliers including subcontractors to the built environment and providers of sustainable  products and services.


Why join?

  • Platform to showcase product/service innovation  in the drive for net zero and day to day operational activity
  • Win new clients and increase sales
  • Network and connect with potential clients and new business partners
  • Access to the business education programme
  • Benchmark your own sustainability strategy
  • Multi sector access = opportunity to learn from different sectors and find new ideas
  • Opportunity to join and influence our Supply Chain Board


SMEs and “enlightened” enterprises: £400 per business

Who is it for?

Businesses that understand every organisation will be affected by the “decade of transition”. We are facing another industrial revolution and it will create both opportunity and risk. This membership category is for organisations that want to learn and understand how the need to reverse climate change will impact their business, what legislation will mean and what demands their customers will make on them. The EBN will help be the starting point for their future journey.

Why join?

  • Understand what ESG and Scope 1, 2 and 3 mean for business
  • Understand what corporates want from their suppliers in future
  • Learn how your business can make the transition to net zero
  • Get a view of changing consumer habits and behaviours
  • Learn about the opportunities in the Circular Economy for your business
  • Connect to environmental thought-leaders and experts
  • Meet potential clients and business partners amongst like-minded organisations

Work with the EBN

Our aim is to keep membership fees as low as possible and as simple to understand as possible so that we can maximise the numbers of people involved. However, to fund the operations of the project and to enable us to invest in its growth we are offering a number of category exclusive Official Partnerships and advertising opportunities.

We will work closely with all our Official Partners to ensure that they are able to meet, connect and support their prospective environmental clients. As our membership grows, we will enjoy unique access to a body of people responsible for the purchase of hundreds of millions of pounds of products and services.

Official Partner including membership

Brand awareness
  • Logo to feature at the bottom of every page of the EBN website
  • Banner ad on the Official Partner pages on the EBN website
  • Feature page interview with C-level or other key personnel on the EBN website
  • Pop up banner and permission to place marketing literature at every EBN event
  • Logo to be on the screen projection at every EBN event
  • Logo to be prominent on the EBN e-newsletter
  • Link to feature page on every EBN e-newsletter
  • Lead advertiser on the relevant category page in the EBN Directory
  • Logo and feature in every quarterly commercial partner e-newsletter
Brand engagement
  • EBN Connect – a service whereby the EBN will make a direct connection to a member(s) as long as strict criteria is satisfied: they have an offer or proposition to put to the member that will be perceived as adding value to them; the member is likely to learn something that adds value to their business; no hard selling and the member reserves the right not to follow up
  • Supplier Finder – the EBN will offer a service to all members where they can ask us to research the market for products and services that may overcome challenges they have. The EBN will offer these opportunities to the OPs in the first instance
  • Marketing review – half-day review of their sales and marketing strategy and tactics in order to share best practice, to draw on our massive experience and to produce a follow-up report with recommendations on a) how best to maximise their partnership with the EBN and b) how to improve their marketing output
  • For an additional £500, a desk-based review of your brand and marketing creative work including digital and print material, with recommendations to follow.

The Business Directory 

£750 plus corporate membership (i.e. 2 people per event)
  • Logo
  • 10 images
  • 200 words
  • Link to web site

The Directory will sit on the EBN web site and will be extensively promoted at all events and through all marcoms material.

Marketing and brand review

For an additional £500, you’ll get a telephone interview and desk-based review of all sales and marketing material with a recommendations report to follow.



Interested in leading the change? 

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