The first thing to stress is that the EBN is for everyone. It is a movement for change so the last thing we would do is exclude anyone.

Having said that we believe that the pressure on the Boards of supply chain businesses to change their behaviour, to transition to low carbon, nature positive organisations will be immense. To this end the EBN is especially valuable to the C Suite of those enterprises that are in the immediately direct, or closely indirect, supply chains of large corporate customers.

Organisations that turn over anywhere from £5m to £300m.

As a leader of such a business you will find the EBN is a safe space where you can learn, share and connect with like-minded people.

Transition is a crucial word however, and in a business sense it is affecting everyone. The EBN also welcomes environmental and sustainability professionals who are wrestling with the need to de-risk their climate related business activities and shareholder demand for continuous growth.

At the other end of the scale we have hundreds of micro business and SME owners who are committed to running their organisation on the sound principles of ESG, not necessarily because they are under pressure from customers to do so, but because they care and they know it is the right thing for the planet.

We also invite people from the public sector, not-for-profits, financial institutions and policy makers to join us and help business to change for good.

Lots of people talking between different sectors – a great mix of people talking and that’s exactly what the network needs to be about.

Jamie Edmonds

Kier Utilities and Rail