EDIA Limited

EDIA Limited provides support to a wide range of Clients that require assistance in the management of environmental risk and the placement of specialist insurance products.

EDIA Limited are a specialist environmental insurance consultant and broker.

Founded in 2011 and staffed by leaders in the European environmental insurance market, EDIA has experience in the placement of insurance policies that support a whole range of businesses (from micro to multinational) in managing their environmental liabilities.

We have experience in the placement of policies on both the local and international market.

Working with the insurance market, we can handle the transfer of risk of pollution legal liability to a tailored insurance contract and have extensive knowledge of the industry and its products backed by years of experience dealing exclusively with these risks. 

EDIA offer expert professional and personal service by supporting your clients leading up to and throughout policy lifetimes

    Duncan Spencer

    Hannah Moon

    Robert Latimer

    Getting the deal through – where clients have invested in a due diligence process only to find an environmental risk which is not easily mitigated, a PLL policy can provide comfort to proceed, not only from a risk transfer prospective but also through the underwriting process with provides and added layer of risk management.

    Eleanor Reeves
    Partner, Ashurst