Welcome to the Kent EBN group, we hope you will enjoy being part of the Environmental Business Network and join in with our core values of Learn, Share and Connect.

The EBN has been London-centric but our plan is to roll out groups across the country. To do that we need members to volunteer to help us grow so if anyone can help please email Roger on [email protected]

We face a very different environmental and economic future and we all need to help each other to figure out how and where our businesses fit into what will be seen as a green revolution that dwarfs the industrial one of 200 years ago.

Whilst this will undoubtedly bring challenges and costs, there will be many commercial advantages to be had through integrating environmental sustainability into your business. The EBN and its members are here to help you do that.

The EBN is free to join courtesy of our wonderful official partners but we do need ongoing funding. To that end we will soon be launching our business directory, a platform which will enable you to promote your business to our 1,200 members (and growing) and support the EBN at the same time. The cost of this will only be £500 for 12 months. Meanwhile if you are interested in becoming an official partner please contact Roger directly on the email above or call him on 07703 344139.

We are delighted to announce that our next EBN Kent breakfast event will be hosted by local farmer, entrepreneur and passionate sustainability advocate Doug Wanstall at his farm in Aldington near Ashford on May 25th from 9.30am.
Bacon (from the farm) rolls and pastries will be served with hot and cold drinks followed by one of the most amazing tours of nature you could ever hope to go on. You will be blown away I assure you and if you don’t leave the farm pumped up as a supporter of regenerative farming, the circular economy and biodiversity, you aren’t human!
Places are limited and going fast so book now to avoid disappointment.


I really enjoyed the EBN and thank you again for the invite, it was great to be in a room with likeminded people working on solutions to the problems we’ve created

Louise White

Space 2 Consulting